Why Wedding Floral Design is so much more than just ‘flowers’…

My couples come to me with an understanding of the large role they want flowers to play in their wedding days. Whether you have specific flowers in mind which have meaning to you or a loved one, or you have an idea of the ‘look’ you’re going for, your wedding floral design should be an extension of your personal style and another opportunity to convey you as a couple, as  individuals, and to mark the day in style.

What I love most about floral design is that like any form of design, it is ART: an individual expression with infinite outcomes in style, arrangement, size, colour and impact. Much like every couple has their unique love story, tailoring bespoke floral design to their style makes every creation special and characterful too. The creative inspiration and expertise that goes into constructing each floral design, the knowledge and experimentation of different interacting flowers, and ultimately the  passion and genuine care held for you and your wedding vision, allows me to connect so wonderfully with all of my couples.

As a wedding floral designer I look to the wedding elements, and specifically the venue, to allow beautiful and stylish designs to be created while complementing the overall setting. Flowers connect the wedding elements through each stage of the day; from the pre-wedding prep of bouquets and buttonholes, to ceremony arches and pillars, right through to dining amongst centrepieces, hanging floral chandeliers and more! Your floral design tells the story of your wedding day and is present from start to finish, carrying with it memories that last forever. Unlike your photos, your flowers won’t live infinitely past your big day, but the memory of those scents, the beauty of those colours, styles and designs, will last forever.  

Art is subjective, and so is floral design-whether you opt for bold and colourful, understated and classic, unusual shapes and grand installations or wild meadow-lined ceremony aisles, I can help guide your vision and illustrate designs that match you and your styles. I specialise in all things modern, stylish, elegant and fun and if that sounds like a bit of you then I’d love to hear from you! 

Your floral design is an extension of your personal style-bespoke to you, understood by me.

Kim x