Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist-Emergency Kit for on the day

Hello all you wonderful bride and grooms to-be!

Today’s blog post is a short one as it’s more of a file or document (or gift as I like to think of it) for optional use in the approaching weeks of your wedding to prepare you for all eventualities on the day.

Now this list isn’t absolutely exhaustive and you can add whatever additional essentials you desire to it, or remove any ‘irrelevants’, but I find it a really useful template for a wedding day emergency kit checklist. I normally tweak it for each of my couples and add on any extra items appropriate for the individual couple and their particular style of wedding, allowing for more organised management of the day.

The checklist also gives an insight into my level of preparation if you’ve hired me as your planner or on-the-day coordinator. I’m expecting contrasting reactions of being both impressed and concerned that my level of organisation for your wedding prep even includes items listed such as ‘earring backs’, ‘bug spray’ (destination weddings especially), and ‘chalk/talcum powder’. I’ll have it all covered on the day and a weapon of choice from the list for whatever situation arises! And if you haven’t got a wedding planner or coordinator, hopefully this list can help you prepare for possible items to stock up on in the run up to your big day.

Oh! And if you’re thinking, ‘what on earth is chalk/talcum powder doing on this wedding day checklist?!’, you’d be surprised at how effective both can be for concealing stains on your wedding dress!