Why Hire a
Wedding Planner?

In this fast-fast-paced modern society we all have so much going on in our lives that it can be hard to commit dedicated and undivided attention to pulling together the logistics and ideas for your dream wedding. You should thoroughly enjoy the planning process, and not feel like it is a timely chore that is holding you back from Monday night football or Kate’s birthday party! With wedding planning absorbing a fair chunk of time (and even more so for destination weddings), it’s a no brainer to consider hiring me to allow you to maintain your busy and sociable lifestyles!

Maybe you have plenty of free time and have a less chaotic calendar, but you would just like to know that the wedding is coming together effortlessly and totally stress-free? This is where I come in!

I’ll organise all and any logistical factors, handle the creative design side, any admin, or all of the above. I’ll be just an email or phone call away at all times, replying morning, daytime and night to any queries or concerns you have, discuss ideas or visions you’d like to materialise, or just be a source of advice or comfort in the run up to your wedding.

Contrary to popular belief, not all wedding planners will create events how they desire, without consulting the couple. While I am more than happy to suggest different colour themes, concepts and creative ideas, or be given creative license with minimal brief, your wedding day should be personal to you, and you should relish in the joy of your wedding vision coming alive all around you on your big day. There should be no surprises, and by hiring me I can help guide your design and colour ideas, and do the legwork in pulling your dream day together.

The ins and outs of working with a planner…

My services are bespoke and starts with getting to know you both as a couple a little bit initially. I’ll take the time to really connect with your overall style, personalities and ‘must haves’ for your wedding. This way I can begin to build an image up of what your unique wedding day will look like.

I’ll issue a questionnaire after initial discussions to get more detail on what makes you both tick and what is important to you as a couple. From then, I can recommend one of my Services options, including any additional extras that may appeal to you both.

I’ll start with sourcing a selection of shortlisted ideal venues for you to compare and choose from-and you just have the fun task of choosing your favourite! And if you’re completely unsure of which style venue you’d like (marquee, manor house, hotel), I can source a selection of each to give you a more in depth insight into what a wedding at each type of venue can look like.

Once the venue is confirmed, I’ll create mood boards containing all the aspects that truly bring a wedding to life, and establish little details to inject with your personalities. This serves as an ideas platform; brainstorming styles and colour palettes, and themes or key features that are essential for transforming your wedding dream into a reality.

My job is to put you at ease during every step of the way. Along with continuous availability for texts, calls or emails, I’ll be creating schedules, timelines, liaising with suppliers, and generally keeping all aspects of the planning on track. On the wedding day i’ll be on site from the crack of dawn right until the party; coordinating all suppliers and ensuring everything runs smoothly. If you need any set up or take down required in the days before or after the wedding too I can build that into my bespoke quote.

The big day is here!…

From your perspective, you can sit back and enjoy the most magical day of your lives! Remember what this day is all about: your love for each other. So many details come together to make your wedding personal and perfect for you, but on the day itself, my biggest goal is to ensure that these details aren’t on your minds at all…you are absorbing the joy and love for each other, your guests, and are having an absolute blast!

I’ll ensure that everything is taken care of as agreed: all set up organised, suppliers coordinated, all details and features are in the correct place and the whole day runs to schedule. I’ll be the point of contact for any queries from the supplier, venue or even guests, and can even assist with coordinating the group photos so you don’t have to ask a guest to rally up your friends and family on the day!

Tell me more…

If you’re interested in my services, or just want to find out a little bit more about me, Dreamboats and Carousels, or what I can do for you, your first step is to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss your wedding and what I can do to help you. After our consultation I’ll provide you with your bespoke quote, containing details of my services tailored to your needs, alongside optional extras and pricing.

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