I’m Kim, Founder of Dreamboats & Carousels Floral Design.

The shifting world of 2020 drove my intensified relationship with nature. I realised a heartfelt need to be immersed in the outdoors, and to let my hands speak freely in a language of creativity.

Dreamboats & Carousels was born to reinvigorate, ground, and inspire me.

I was born creative; I could draw long before I could write. I have always been able to design a detailed image in my head, before putting pen to paper. But for a while I was only putting pen to paper, paint to canvas. Discovering floral design, as an artist discovering a new medium, filled me with excitement. Instead of pens and paints, I filled my palette with colour, shape, and size. With scent, with texture. Suddenly I was painting in three dimensions, creating experiential, ephemeral art for all the senses - to be seen, held, smelt, and lived amongst.


elevated events exhibiting our obsession for transformative floral design

 I channel a lifetime of creativity through this living medium - the language of flowers. Never before have I felt such profound creative freedom and joy.

I pour a part of myself into all of my creations, as with any artist. Our couples relish the unique concepts, my signature style and the connections we forge with each other.  Our discerning clients seek us for our immersive, transformative and experiential approach to floral design. I believe there are no limits to what can be created, and this drive to design without restriction and boundaries allows my full creativity to flood each event with beauty and breathtaking designs. 

why we only work on 

I am very discerning about the proposals D&C takes on. That’s because every D&C design has to be a passion project. That’s how I can be invigorated by every unique and exclusive event we work on, in turn bringing distinctive vision and creativity every single time.

I am the artist behind the exclusive bespoke designs we provide our clients with, and the face that you’ll interact with throughout your journey. I take such pleasure in playing my part in every event we work on.

The projects we undertake are those where my creativity can fully come to bear. This is a double gift; it allows full dedication to bringing our couples’ dreams and visions to life, whilst also gifting me with profound joy as I embrace the nuance of each design. The passion and time spent on every bespoke D&C design is palpable; I believe that’s what has given us such fast, organic success.

Passion Projects

"‘Kim not only has a passion for what she does, but that passion extends to her clients too. She is kind, caring, friendly, patient and funny, and in all honesty, she is someone I’d love to be friends with!’

-E & C

Harry & Annie

"Your talent is beyond my wildest dreams."

KIM! Honestly you are incredible! Your talent is beyond my wildest dreams. The whole space was more than anything I could have dreamt of. I spent the whole evening looking at everyone's faces as they looked around. Thank you so so so so much! Eternally grateful xxxx

Courtney & Vivek

"The devil works hard, but kim works harder!"

Kim was highly professional, realistic and kind. Kim's creations truly made our day; all of our guests were totally wowed. They were wonderful , smelt divine, and we were lucky enough to be able to take them home the next day to enjoy for another week. I have absolutely no reservations recommending Kim, as well as giving her total creative freedom-she really will produce something wonderful that you won't ever forget. A big hug, tears of joy, and the knowledge that we will remember your masterpieces forever and ever, as well as your reassurance, friendship and warmth that radiated like sunshine, is the best I can offer by way of thanks.

Ashleigh and tom

"I have had thousands of people asking me who my florist was."

Kim was like a breath of fresh air to work with. She was so happy to work with us alongside our planner to create a floral design that was unique to us and our style. In the lead up to the wedding she sent us some sketches of our floral designs, which were lovely to keep, but it was also so nice to know that we were on the same page! What she actually created on the day was nothing short of a masterpiece. Our huge hanging installation was pretty much the talk of our wedding, and she created an absolute monstrosity of a flower arch that was beyond our wildest dreams, and covered the whole of the 6 metre arch from floor to ceiling. Kim was a lovely calming influence to be around, and I really loved working with her.

E & M

"The designs kim created made our wedding weekend more than just a visual spectacle, but an emotive experience."

Kim's approach to floral design really stood out to us when working with our planner to select the florist for our wedding. We loved her enthusiasm to create something new for us, and to transform our beautiful venue over the course of the 3 days. What Kim and her team created for us blew us away; we'd never seen anything like it, and neither had our guests!

C & E

"From the very first moment i spoke to kim, i knew she was 'the one'." 

Where to start? I'm not sure my words will do Kim justice, but I'll try...Kim is without a shadow of a doubt the best decision we made with regards to our wedding. Her floral designs are out of this world. She created something that left me absolutely speechless. Every single arrangement was STUNNING, and I really do mean that. The real piece de resistance, however, is Kim herself-she is the most gorgeous person. She not only has a passion for what she does, but that passion extends to her couples too. She is kind, caring, friendly, patient, funny, and in all honesty, she's someone I'd love to be friends with! I know she'll only go from strength to strength, as she goes the extra mile for every single client.