At Dreamboats and Carousels, our focus is on delivering a truly exceptional experience, as well as a beautiful celebration of style and understated luxury. We want each of our couples to revel in the euphoric atmosphere of their wedding; creating unforgettable memories for them and all of their guests.


Just a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky (and slightly wedding-obsessed) bubble of energy!

London, New York, Barcelona…to name a few of my favourite cities in the world, and whilst I’m an avid traveller, my base for the majority of my time is in the stunningly historic City of York, in the North of England. When I’m not nose-deep in bridal magazines or cake samples, you can find me in the company of my husband, friends, and family-indulging in food of any kind (note you’ll never hear me turn down an invite to your menu tasting) and hitting it hard at the gym.

I’m a fitness fanatic-and a part time spinning and group exercise instructor for early morning gym classes. It’s safe to say I’m always bursting with energy and I think part of it comes down to being active bright and early every day!

Kim is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She is kind, super easy to get on with and genuinely cares about you and your day. What’s more, she is ‘on it’ and I mean ‘on it’!-if you think you’re organised, you haven’t met Kim!
Katy and Phil

The Origins of Dreamboats and Carousels

With experience in Commercial Management prior to following my dream of Wedding planning and floristry, organisation and commercial acumen come naturally to me. That-combined with my artistic and creative background-make for an ideal mix of creative and logistical skills. I fell in love with wedding planning and the world of flowers while planning and styling my own wedding, and love to help others in creating their dream weddings too.

The name ‘Dreamboats and Carousels’ conveys imagination and fun-a sense of style and magic which is exactly what I will work with you to deliver for your wedding. It was also the pedigree name given to my beloved pooch, who is sadly no longer with us. I love that a part of her lives on in the business and brand I’ve built and love so dearly too.

But enough about me!…

I truly understand that your wedding day is THE day that you will remember and reflect on forever, and you want somebody who you can trust to make that special day everything you both could dream of and more. I’ll strike the perfect balance of helping you embrace the ideas and vision for your wedding, without the stresses and concerns, or navigating logistical details. My clients come to me for solely wedding planning, solely floristry services, or often a combination of both!

Just sit back, relax, and most importantly ENJOY this whole process! I can’t wait to build a ‘dream team’ partnership with you and ensure you soak in the fun of the build up as well as the wedding day itself.

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding planner and florist is working with all of my wonderful couples. I love getting to know you, and experiencing your exciting wedding journey with you.

If you’d like to find out more about me, Dreamboats and Carousels, or to see if we’re a good fit, I’d love to have a chat on the phone or better yet in person. I’ll never turn down a glass of fizz or two with you!

Kim x

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