At Dreamboats and Carousels, our focus is on delivering a truly exceptional experience, as well as a beautiful celebration of style and understated luxury. We want each of our couples to revel in the euphoric atmosphere of their wedding; creating unforgettable memories for them and all of their guests.


The face behind the brand, and the voice behind every consultation call, email and message. Kim has an artistic background, with an unquenchable passion for creativity and design. Her dedication and imagination allows her to flourish in her floral design work; always striving for greater. She is a self-confessed people person and thrives off social interaction and creative outlets, alongside travel and nature, delicious food and drink, and awe-inspiring moments.

Nothing was too much for Kim, I’m so glad she was a part of our day, and her creativity and passion for creating show-stopping floral designs is clearly evident.
Katie and James

Our Vision

The core of our ethos is creating unforgettable experiences through visual masterpieces in design-floral creations that evoke emotion and ambience. We love everything about flowers and nature, and so our methods reflect techniques and floral mechanics that are kinder to the environment. Often this involves creating designs with imaginative architecture and clever arrangements, and (without being too biased) all the more beautiful floral creations for it!

The name ‘Dreamboats and Carousels’ conveys imagination and fun-a sense of style and magic which is exactly what we work with you to deliver for your wedding or event. Originating from the pedigree name of Kim’s beloved pooch, it’s also fitting that the name represents personal connection and memories that live forever.

What we offer

A unique and bespoke experience from start to finish; knowing that you are working with a floral design team as opposed to simply a ‘florist’. Every design is unique, and we love putting our own creative stamp on each and every project/wedding/event we take on.

Our close-knit team, led by Kim, pour their heart and soul into every commission, and love experiencing a client’s journey with them; whether that be for their wedding, party or other occasion.

Providing an unrivalled bespoke service, we create complimentary digital sketches of your floral design work prior to the event, allowing you to visualise clearly what your floral design will look like. The illustrations of the bridal bouquets have been especially popular with couples as they become part of the wonderful collection of wedding day keepsakes-lasting for years to come, even if your flowers can’t!

To ensure our services are of the highest standard, and our attentiveness to our clients is guaranteed, we only take on a limited number of wedding floral design clients each year.

We are a Yorkshire-based team working all across the UK and worldwide, delivering magical moments and moving designs wherever the location